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See How Your Users Feel with The Vempathy Plugin for Adobe XD

Over the past few months we have prioritized working with industry players to form partnerships that will continue to elevate the design community. Today, we are excited to announce the first of these collaborations that will bring design research into designers’ existing workflows.

We have worked with Adobe to bring Vempathy to Adobe XD. With the new Vempathy plugin for Adobe XD, which is available now, designers get feedback on their designs where it counts. They will build better digital experiences with rapid customer feedback and analysis powered by artificial intelligence. They will see exactly when test participants express different emotions while interacting with their designs.

Once designers launch the Vempathy plugin for Adobe XD they can quickly choose any of their Adobe XD prototypes for their UX test. The Vempathy plugin for Adobe XD will then pre-populate a new UX test in Vempathy, which designers can customize by defining tasks for test participants to complete and filtering test participants to their target user persona. Vempathy then automatically sources test participants, records them, and analyzes their emotions to produce qualitative and quantitative UX test reports.

“Research and user testing is vital to the design process”, says Vijay Vachani, Director of Platform & Partner Ecosystem for Creative Cloud at Adobe, “We are delighted Vempathy is bringing it directly into the design workflow with the Vempathy plugin for Adobe XD. With the new plugin, UX/UI designers get seamless access to Vempathy’s research and user testing platform”

“We are very excited to work with Adobe to bring the power of Vempathy’s design research capabilities to designers who have chosen Adobe’s design software. We are confident that empowering designers with tools like Vempathy to improve their design through research is a win for the entire design community.” said Paul Cheek, CEO, Vempathy.

To get started with Vempathy and Adobe XD, please click here or visit:

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