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Getting to Insights: Learning How Your Users Feel!

Learning how your users feel!

We know how your users feel. And you’re just a few steps away from knowing yourself! With Vempathy’s sentiment analysis engine, you’ll pinpoint which parts of your product designs create the best or worst reactions from your users.

Getting Started
Start with creating a test for your design.

Start your first UX test!

After entering a name for the test (participants won’t see) and a welcome message (your test participants will see), you’ll add at least one task for your design.

Give your UX test a name and welcome message.

Your test should have a series of tasks such as questions or instructions.

You’ll be able to filter your test participants on a variety of demographic factors.

Filter test participants for your UX test.

After a quick final summary check, launch your test! Within 48 hours, you’ll have great feedback on your designs.

Need more help?
Check out our guide for more details on how to get going!

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