Sketch Plugin for Vempathy

See How Your Users Feel with The Vempathy Plugin for Sketch

In our continued efforts to bring designers feedback from users within their existing workflows, we are excited to introduce the Vempathy plugin for Sketch. Much like with the Vempathy plugin for Adobe XD, Sketch users will now be able to leverage Vempathy’s advanced, end-to-end qualitative research platform.

With the new Vempathy plugin for Sketch, designers can build better digital experiences with rapid customer feedback and analysis powered by artificial intelligence. They will see exactly when test participants express different emotions while interacting with their designs.

“User research is such a crucial part of any product design process and the emotion reports provided by Vempathy’s tools bring a whole new dimension to your testing. This new Sketch plugin makes it easier than ever to incorporate Vempathy’s powerful insights into your existing workflow” said Daniel Duke, Head of Marketing at Sketch.

“We love empowering designers with research tools that can help them do their jobs better and, as Sketch users ourselves, we are thrilled to bring the power of Vempathy to other Sketch users around the world.” -Paul Cheek, CEO, Vempathy.

To get started with Vempathy and Sketch, please visit:

See How Your Users Feel with The Vempathy Plugin for Adobe XD

Over the past few months we have prioritized working with industry players to form partnerships that will continue to elevate the design community. Today, we are excited to announce the first of these collaborations that will bring design research into designers’ existing workflows.

We have worked with Adobe to bring Vempathy to Adobe XD. With the new Vempathy plugin for Adobe XD, which is available now, designers get feedback on their designs where it counts. They will build better digital experiences with rapid customer feedback and analysis powered by artificial intelligence. They will see exactly when test participants express different emotions while interacting with their designs.

Once designers launch the Vempathy plugin for Adobe XD they can quickly choose any of their Adobe XD prototypes for their UX test. The Vempathy plugin for Adobe XD will then pre-populate a new UX test in Vempathy, which designers can customize by defining tasks for test participants to complete and filtering test participants to their target user persona. Vempathy then automatically sources test participants, records them, and analyzes their emotions to produce qualitative and quantitative UX test reports.

“Research and user testing is vital to the design process”, says Vijay Vachani, Director of Platform & Partner Ecosystem for Creative Cloud at Adobe, “We are delighted Vempathy is bringing it directly into the design workflow with the Vempathy plugin for Adobe XD. With the new plugin, UX/UI designers get seamless access to Vempathy’s research and user testing platform”

“We are very excited to work with Adobe to bring the power of Vempathy’s design research capabilities to designers who have chosen Adobe’s design software. We are confident that empowering designers with tools like Vempathy to improve their design through research is a win for the entire design community.” said Paul Cheek, CEO, Vempathy.

To get started with Vempathy and Adobe XD, please click here or visit:

Coming Soon: Automatic Nielsen Scoring

At Vempathy we also conduct our own UX research and from our research and based on an extensive research study from Bentley University’s Human Factors in Information Design program we have learned that our customers find difficulty in understanding some of the analysis reports that our software produces. Since we practice what we preach, we have been actively exploring different methods of presenting the data generated by our artificial intelligence algorithms.

Knowing that UX designers and researchers rely on a common set of metrics, we have decided to change our reporting to reflect the simple and well understood nature of the Nielsen Severity Rating metric.

The Nielsen Severity Rating is a measure of the priority of attention that should be given to solve a specific problem. The rating takes into account the frequency, impact, and persistence of the problem to help designers and researchers better prioritize and allocate resources towards fixing it. The scale is very simple in that it spans from zero to four with zero being the lowest severity and four being the highest severity.

In Vempathy, the Nielsen score will be analyzed across test participants based on our emotion analysis and aggregated for each task in the UX test. With this newly surfaced scoring, designers and researchers will be able to quickly identify the task within their UX test that requires the most immediate attention. This functionality is coming soon! Stay tuned…

UX Benchmark and Progress Tracking with Vemapthy

Traditionally qualitative research has been just that: qualitative. Vempathy has changed the game for UX designers and researchers by introducing quantitative metrics for qualitative research. And now, with Vempathy’s latest release, designers and researchers can benchmark and track their progress.

With Vempathy’s UX test comparison feature, you can now compare Vempathy’s reports from one UX test to another. This allows you to run a test on your UX today, see the results, act upon them, and then run a follow up test to see if the change you made corrected the usability issues. In the new interface, you will find all of Vempathy’s reported metrics in one graph that show you the user journey and how it has changed from test to test.

This feature is live now and we welcome your feedback! Get started by making a copy of a UX test you have run in the past and it will automatically populate in the comparison dropdown on the reports page.

Introducing Improved Participant Recruitment

We have come to realize the importance of fine grained specifications when recruiting participants for your UX testing. While our free form text field to recruit participants works, it simply is not intuitive and that’s why we are happy to introduce improved recruiting today!

Now, when you design a new UX test with Vempathy you can easily specify demographics such as age, ethnicity, gender, income, employment status, and more! Further, you can create your own custom screener survey to more finely filter the participants completing your UX tests.

This new release is live now and we welcome you to give it a try and let us know what you think!

Our New UX Test Setup Process

We know that getting started using a new UX research platform can be daunting, which is why we are so excited to announce the roll out of our new project setup. With our new project setup, Vempathy will guide you through all of the steps necessary to start your first project including study design, participant recruitment, and launch. Try it today and let us know if you have any questions!