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Designing Your Study

Designing your study is made easy with Vempathy’s task-based system. You can enter a list of tasks that you want test participants to complete. Depending on the type of research that you are conducting tasks might include instructions that collectively form a user journey or questions if you are conducting an in depth interview.

Each task can have its own URL, which we will show to your test participants while they are recording themselves through the Vempathy software. Examples of possible uses for the URL include showing test participants marketing websites, InVision prototypes, card sorts, or even surveys. This also allows you to mix-in different research methods within the same study with the same participants.

Vempathy’s analysis and reporting is task-based, meaning that the Vempathy system will product reports which show you the relative emotions between tasks. Whether you plan to run your study moderated or unmoderated, we recommend using a number of tasks so that you can get the most out of Vempathy’s analysis and reporting. It is better to use more discrete tasks rather than including multiple steps in bigger tasks.

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