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Before you begin learning from Vempathy we recommend familiarizing yourself with these terms:

Project – A project in Vempathy is a research study that you create in order to record test participants, watch their videos, and review Vempathy’s analysis and reporting. A project will likely contain multiple video recordings of your participants.

Tasks – Tasks are the prompts that you want test participants to complete. Depending on the type of research that you are conducting, tasks might include a sequence of instructions that collectively form a user journey or questions if you are conducting an in depth interview.

Participant – A participant is a tester or subject who participates in your research study by recording themselves with Vempathy’s recording software. If you import videos, each video should have one participant.

Recording – A recording is video of one test participant and their computer screen recorded while they participated in your study.

Transcript – Transcripts are machine-generated textual versions of the words spoken by a test  participant in a recording.

Highlight Reel – A highlight reel is a short-form version of a recording or group of recordings that is automatically generated by Vempathy, this includes the highest and lowest emotional moments and filters out the neutral moments.

Severity Score – A rating that combines the frequency, impact, and persistence of a problem to help you understand how severe and deserving of resources it is.

Valence – Valence is a measure of the positive or negative nature of the recorded person’s experience.

Expressiveness – Expressiveness is a measure of facial muscle activation that illustrates the subject’s engagement.

Attention – Attention is a measure of focus based on the head orientation.

Emotion – Emotion is the overall instinctive or intuitive feeling measured from a combination of facial expressions, tone and inflection of voice, and/or sentiment of speech.

Completion Time – The amount of time that each task takes to complete.

Vempathy – Vempathy stands for video empathy, which embodies our mission to help you understand and share the feelings of your customers with artificial intelligence.

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