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How Do Vempathy’s Results Help Me?

Conducting qualitative user research is time consuming, introduces confirmation bias, and is difficult to quantify. The results that Vempathy provides help you solve each of these problems:

Vempathy Helps You Save Time

With Vempathy it no longer takes two weeks to produce a findings report from a user research study. Vempathy’s technology automates much of the manual work that is required for the analysis of a qualitative user research study.

Vempathy Helps Remove Confirmation Bias

When you review qualitative user research videos you become subject to your own motives in reporting on findings. With Vempathy, artificial intelligence is used in the analysis process to help remove some of the confirmation bias that we, as humans, introduce into our research processes.

Vempathy Helps You Quantify Results

Qualitative research is difficult to report on because stakeholders generally aren’t interested in your personal interpretations. Vempathy quantifies user emotions and provides you numbers that allow stakeholders to measure qualitative studies and see when improvement happens.

These are just some of the reasons why product & research teams choose Vempathy for their user research needs, but the possibilities are endless!

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