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One way that Vempathy reports on facial expressions is using emojis. Since facial expressions are only a part of human emotion we never recommend relying solely on these emojis, but they can help you with your understanding of how people are physically reacting to the experience in front of them. Here is a breakdown of the emojis that Vempathy reports on:

Laughing – Mouth opened and both eyes closed

Smiley – Smiling, mouth opened and both eyes opened

Relaxed – Smiling and both eyes opened

Wink – Either of the eyes closed

Scream – The eyebrows raised and the mouth opened

Flushed – The eyebrows raised and both eyes widened

Smirk – Left or right lip corner pulled upwards and outwards

Disappointed – Frowning, with both lip corners pulled downwards

Rage – The brows furrowed, and the lips tightened and pressed

Neutral – Neutral face without any facial expressions

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