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Individual Recordings

When you begin your review of an individual recording we will show you the full video with analysis.

The full video player is where you can watch the entire participant recording, much like you would with traditional research software. What you will notice is different are all of the analysis tools that Vempathy couples with the video player, which you will learn about in the next few sections.

Sometimes you want to take notes on your research, but handwritten or Excel notes can make it hard to refer back to timestamps. Vempathy’s annotation tools make this much easier especially as you collaborate with your team. Each annotation can be associated with an emoji so that you can categorize each note you take. Annotations are linked directly with a timestamp to make referring back to the video easy.

To view all of your annotations simply toggle to the “Annotations” tab in the right sidebar. You can add a new annotation by clicking the “Add Annotation” button above any existing annotations.


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