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Use Cases

Vempathy is purpose built to measure user emotions. It’s valuable to understand how users feel in many different scenarios so we have built out a list of common use cases for the Vempathy software:

  • User Experience Research Studies: See how users proceed through a series of user experience instructions and questions in design prototypes, marketing websites, landing pages, and full blown web applications.
  • In-Depth User Interviews: Ask users questions (moderated or unmoderated) and measure their individual or aggregate average reactions to each to make informed decisions.
  • Survey Completion: Measure human emotion throughout the completion of a quantitative or qualitative online survey.

Vempathy provides a flexible platform for you to conduct any kind of research you would like, but we have found the three use cases above to be the most common.

Are you using Vempathy in another interesting way? We would love to hear about it!

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